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Master YUEN,HAI and his WIFE were followed by Professor LAU,BUN (born 1891-died in 1967 at the age of 76), who is credited with bringing HUNG-SING KUNE to AMERICA. Around 1924 (approximate date) Professor Lau,Bun came to America via Mexico for a period of time, then Los Angeles for a few years in the mid 1920's where he taught just defensive techniques ,NO FORMS(for fighting),to Brothers in the Hop-Sing Benelovent Association , and finally to San Francisco around 1931 where he ended up settling down. In order to make money for a living ,and continue practicing his beloved martial arts, and further improve abilities that he so loved doing ,he joined the HOP-SING TONG Benelovent Association serving as a bodyguard and gambling house bouncer/guard as this was the recreation in those days for people of Chinese decent ,thereby, getting their backing and support financially, communitywise and any other way that he may have needed as these were very rough times as history books can attest to,for not only Chinese but all Asians and all other Minorities in America especially California where minorities were/are plentiful, so one had to have their skills down perfect if they were to survive. Sometime between 1931 and 1939, at that point in time he was about 38 years of age, he established the WAH-KUNE Club of Choy-Lee-Fut where he taught private groups and Brother Tong members. This club later became the HUNG-SING SCHOOL of SAN FRANCISCO and AMERICA as the Professor wished to honor both The Founder and the Original Name of our studio "HUNG-SING" (we use the name as to mean "GLORIOUS VICTORY" as the American Translation)By this time, Professor Lau,Bun was already distinguished for his streetfighting ability and his school's Lion Dancing Proficiency.He was a GREAT INOVATOR well known for his Adapative and Combative Techniques,truly tried and tested in the field ,he showed that even though he used original techniques that were taught by HUNG-SING in our beginings that they were fully usable even within todays' modern society Aso Master Lau,Bun was well known for his expertise in weaponry his favorites were the stic,single 3-sectional whip and long pole." PROFESSOR LAU,BUN WAS and IS A TRUE HERO and LEADER THAT CAN NEVER BE REPLACED" HE WILL ALWAYS HAVE ALL OF HIS DECENDANTS LOVE AND GRATITUDE FOR SHOWING US THE PROPER WAY, MAY BUDDAH PROTECT HIS SPIRIT AND SOUL AND IN TURN MAY HE WATCH OVER US. Due to the racial tensions up until and during the early 1970's, the proficiency of marital arts knowledge was mandatory for survival, especially for minorities, so this is why as American Born Chinese and Overseas Born Chinese (our Parents, Grandparents as well as all other Asian Groups)we practiced in secret,not wanting our own form of protection used against us and yet still being able to protect ourselves and our loved ones, so we passed down our arts in secercy with modifications in techniques and usages to deal with a more larger,stronger,and versatile adversaies here in America than we have in the Homeland,especially pre 1960's at a time of before open civil rights protests.But,times have changed and Americans (of all ethnic orgins) do not have as much hatred and suspicion towards us as they used to,where as now we are more understanding of each other.So,we now share our knowledge with all(gladly) in hopes of becoming one strong society as recent times have shown us,is what we need more of.The Hung-Sing School of San Francisco has thrived continuously never having had to shut down for any reason,only moving from time to time because of rental costs like every other school in America.Since we established in 1939,we use the date 1939 because this is when the Professor formally started accepting students in a settled down type of attitude when he realized he no longer wanted to move around, but was actually teaching here 9 years before 1939 (in 1931,APPROX.after spending some time in Los Angles on the mid 1920's assiting the Hop-Sing Brotherhood in Whatever Capacity he could),HUNG SING GOON still holds prestige in San Francisco's Chinatown, and the Bay Area which is known as the Cradle(Western Birthplace)of Chinese Gung-Fu outside of China and Hong Kong or anywhere else in ASIA.

Master Lau Bun

Professor Lau,Bun passed away on September 6, 1967,at age 76, from a massive coronary, a result of a hard life in America, whose health as it was common knowledge was already declining as early as 1961 at 71 years of age, could barley leave his living quarters in his studio and get around chinatown because of this THE PROFESSOR had numerious students assist him in keeping the school running at that time . This occurrence caused a void in which forced the seniors of the Hung-Sing School together. They requested that Master Jew take over as per the wishes of Pro. Lau,Bun,selected Professor Jew,Leong to be the next descendant Professor Jew, Leong also had 100% backing of the Hop Sing Tong Benelovent Association, by being a member (as was Prof. Lau,Bun), and Professor Jew, Leong eventually who also became President of the Hop Sing Tong(Sing Keung) in the late 1960's and early1970's.

Professor Jew,Leong(b.October 2,1926, as his papers say))first joined Professor Lau,Bun in 1941 at the age of 14 . Professor Jew,Leong was already teaching A Youth Group in the Jew Family Association, known as the Gee Tuck Som Tuck ,and President of the HOP- SING TONG/ SING-KEUNG Benelovent Association when PROFESSOR LAU,BUN passed on in 1967 at the age of 76, therefore leaving Professor Jew, Leong the most knowledgeable Formwise and Timewise to this day amongst all of his classmates having been with Professor Lau long before any of the new generation were even born . PROFESSOR JEW, LEONG was known as an Excellent Tactician in the art of Street Fighting, He is THE MOST PROFICENT expert in the Form UM-YING BOT- KWA KUNE (5 Animals, internal form, or 5 Shapes) under PROFESSOR LAU, BUN, PROFESSOR JEW, LEONG IS also a Master of the Stick and its usages with the same skill applied to the Butterfly Knives and 3-sectional Whip. Upon the passing of PROFESSOR LAU, BUN; PROFESSOR JEW, LEONG, moved to Chinatown's Spofford Alley in 1967, then eventually back to the Jew Family Association. In 1987 Professor Jew ,Leong went in semi-retirement. In 1995, he fully retired and designated the present Grandmaster Dino Jew Salvatera, his most proficient senior student under him, to be the next descendant of the , HUNG-SING KUNE SCHOOL that PROFESSOR JEW, LEONG headed for the last past 3 decades. . Presently, PROFESSOR JEW, LEONG still lives in San Francisco's Chinatown at the time of this update OCTOBER, 2009 and still in good health at age 85 (b. Oct.4,1926). In April of 1999 at the suggestions of his Sefu, Sefu Dino decided to go to FUT-SAN, CHINA to learn more of the HUNG-SING SCHOOLS' history and background, as he well enough did, and was immeaditly impressed the similarities and recognized the forms and the fact that they had records of our Past Master YUEN, HAI as being a direct student of HUNG-SING himself at that School , Sefu Dino then decided that since his Sefu PROFESSOR JEW, LEONG had retired he wanted to further his knowledge, so he had gotten got permission from his retired Sefu and "BYE'D" to SEFU HAW(HO), CHERK-WAH.

"The School" HUNG-SING GOON in Fut-San and SEFU HAW(HO),CHERK-WAH gladly accepted Sefu Dino with open arms and considered the AMERICAN BRANCH of HUNG-SING like the Proverbial Lost Sheep returning to the fold and were extemely happy,where upon they put Photos in OUR ANCESTRIAL HALL of PROFESSOR LAU, BUN-PROFESSOR JEW,LEONG AND SEFU DINO ,thereby given their rightful place and honors in our schools history. Since then Sefu Dino has been going to FUT-SAN CHINA regularily, Learning More of the HUNG-SING History,Lineage and More Methods under his new Master, HAW(HO), CHERK-WAH (son of HAW(HO),CHURNG), also Enhancing & Refining the new techniques., all this with his teacher's (PROFESSOR JEW,LEONG) blessings since his retirement in 1995 yet still Adhering to Old School Kung-Fu Tradition of Following Only One Sefu in one's lifetime unless of course circumstances change that, like one's Sefu passes on (dies),Retires,or moves beyond a great distance an there is no way to use modern technology,not like so many people nowadays who take a new Sefu and go thru the "BYE CEREMONEY" which in reality is a form of FOR LIFE OATH OF ALLIGENCE,NOT TO BE TAKEN LITELY it entails you having only One Sefu and Total Commitment to the School and Style,regardless of good or bad conditions,or good and disagreeing times with your teacher,not to be done just for fadish, or to be in the in-crowd reasons, by Sefu Dino staying within" THE FAMILY" and same branch it was akin to going to a Se-Sook,who in effect replaces the absent Sefu who is no longer able to assist that person in their learning capacity,not an outside Sefu.Sefu Dino was AWARDED/APPOINTED the position of "PERMANENT LIFETIME HONORED HEADMASTER UNDER FUT-SAN and APPOINTED FUT-SAN REPRESENTATIVE " of WORLD HEADQUARTERS of HUNG-SING GOON by the Fut-San Elders in the U.S. and becoming a student of the next Heir Apparent and THE Elder Student of that branch who having also studied under MASTER HAW(HO),YEE (2nd Generation MASTER: his uncle),who studied under 1st generation HUNG SING Master WONG,SAY who, learned directly from founder, Hung-Sing,IS, HAW(HO),CHERK-WAH (3rd generation), SON of HAW(HO),CHURNG(retired master, now an Elder) of Hung-Sing Goon in Fut-San,China, ELDER HAW(HO) CHURNG(3rd Generation)learned under both Master Tong, Sek( 2nd Generation)who died in 1959 and Master Chan,Wai-Fong(2nd Generation), who both learned directly from Chan,Sing(1st Generation) making Sefu Haw(Ho) Cherk-Wah 4th Generation under his father's line from where he learned the bulk of his knowledge,and 3rd generation under his uncle Haw,Yee.Even by being a Sefu and the Senior Student of HAW(HO),CHURNG (his father,SEE TREE) he prefers to keep a low profile and stay low key in the background, skilled that he is in the Martial Aspects all hands and weaponry he personally prefers doing the TRADIONAL MEDICENE, HERBS, and BODY AILMENTS approach. This arm,( under HAW(Ho), CHURNG)of the HUNG-SING CLAN originally fell under the leadership of CHAN,NGAU-SING , a Famous and Well Known Topnotch Fighting Student of Jeong,Hung-Sing" HIMSELF" , even to this day his name,CHAN, SING, brings respect.These arms of the HUNG-SING Clan have a large following today and are now being represented by Sefu Dino in the U.S.based in San Francisco ( they are those of Chan,Sing-Wong,Say and of course Lau,Bun who was a student of Yuen,Hai who was also a direct student of Jeung,(Hung-Sing)Yim in his early years of teaching).

The term "Generation" used here (on this site) is someone after the Founder ."THE FOUNDER"being the 1st of the family is titled Founder(Originator) and anyone else that comes after that,is a next generation.


One of the more PROLIFIC MASTERS in charge of running the HUNG-SING SCHOOLS' ACTIVITIES and PROGRAMS IN FUT-SAN is SEFU LEUNG,WAI-WING, Sefu Leung is so energetic that he seems that he runs a hundred miles a minute and will never stop until he drops.Sefu Leung's only interest at this time is to Promote and Unify all HUNG-SING Schools and Promote CHOY-LEE-FUT, and does not even want to discuss any negativity whatsoever,as HUNG-SING PEOPLE",WE DO what WE DO,and WE BELIEVE what WE BELIEVE". Sefu Haw,Cherk-Wah along with Sefu Leung and the other Fut-San Elders just want to promote good health, well being and excellent self-defense.The SAN FRANCISCO HUNG-SING Gung-fu club is 100% behind the FUT-SAN SCHOOL and Sefu Leung and the other Elders in their Beliefs and Endeavors, Completely.

Throughout the years FUT-SAN HUNG-SING Gung-Fu SCHOOL has won many trophies at various competitions within CHINA.