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Hung-Sing Goon

Club Creed

American Hung-Sing Goon's
"Club Creed"

  1. I will honor and obey my Sefu.
  2. I will respect my fellow classmates.
  3. I will not intentionally bring dishonor, or negative attention to neither my school nor my Sefu.
  4. I will not bully anyone weaker, or misuse my gung fu in any way.
  5. I will protect those that cannot defend themselves.
  6. I will train hard.
  7. I will eat healthy.
  8. I will not misuse drugs, or alcohol.
  9. I will obey all laws of the land.
  10. My main purpose of learning martial arts is to build a strong body, mind, and spirit, and to be able to protect myself from harm.


The 10 rules of Good Conduct Provided by Fut-San Hung-Sing Goon

1. Seek approval of your Sefu for all things relative to the school/style/branch .

2. Practice Hard daily..

3. Fight to win .

4. Sex in moderation (modified from Buddhist Philosophy that says Avoid altogether).

5. Eat Healthy.

6. Develope strength thru Endurance.

7. Practice your breathing (Chi Gung/Hay Gung).

8.Make Sounds.("Yik" for punches/"Wah for Tiger Claws/"Tik" for Kicks).

9. Never back down from an enemy, (unless to your advantage).

10. Through Practice, you cannot be bullied. you will always be self-confident.