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Hung-Sing Goon

Fong, Dai-Hung

Shao-Lin Temple and Hung Society Name

Ching Cho (Green Grass Monk)

.Was the Main Teacher of Jeung,Hung-Sing, whom Hung-Sing fashioned his Fut-Ga Methods from and merged them with his new methods

.Solid roots Began in the Sil-LumTemple.

.While in the Temple he was The Senior student of Monk Hung,Yan who lived in the Temple at the Chung Lam Hall.

.Was one of the 5 monks to survive the destruction of Shao-Lin Temple.

.Budhist name was Fut Mo.

.Triad name was Ching-Cho (Green Grass)was recieved After the Temple burning.Civilian name was Fong,Dai Hung (sometimes termed also)Fong,Dai-Sing).

.Approximatley 1799 the Hung Moon Society was established by Tsai,,Te-Chung,

Fong,Dai-Hung , Ma,Chui-Hing, Wu,Dak-Dai, and Lee,Sik Hoy.

.Fong,Dai-Hung (Green Grass) established the Hung Shun Tong (obedience to Hung Hall)in Canton (Guangzhou Province).

.from 1800-1849 he was one of the most feared Agitators of the Ching empire.

.In the 1830's a branch Of Fong,Dai-Hung's Lodge (Hung Shun Tong which later changed to Ng Jo Hung Moon Gee Kung Jun Tong as set up in the United States and formerly established in San Francisco in 1849.

.According to Fut-San Hung-Sing Goon, Fong,Dai-Hung (Ching-Cho) was already an older man in 1841.

.From 1841 thru 1849 Fong,Dai-Hung Trained Jeung,Ah Yim in the art of Fut Ga and was instilled with the Revolutionary Spirit and beliefs within him as well as traing him to be the next Hung Gwun for the Fut-San Hung moon.

.Aproximatley 1849 Fong,Dai-Hung (Ching-Cho)Changed Jeung,Ah-Yim's name to Jeung,Hung-Sing,which was his coded Society name.After this, no more was known or heard of concerning Fong,Dai-Hung (the Green Grass Monk).