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(born 1824-died 1893 at age 69 ).

The HUNG-SING Style/School was founded by Jeung,Hung-Sing whose original birth name was Jeung, Yim(His Family name remained the same which was "JEUNG"). He was given the name Jeung,Hung-Sing by his teacher, known at that time only as the "Green Grass Monk"(in American),( Ching-Cho Woe-Serng in Chinese "cantonese dialect), that monk, had also changed his real name which was clouded in mystery, as he was known and being hunted , was also a Senior Elder Monk teaching martial arts at the SHAO-LIN (SIL-LUM) AT THE TIME OF ITS INVASION AND SLAUGHTER BY THE CHING DYNASTY) Ching cho's real name was Fong,Dai-Hung BECAUSE HE( JEUNG,YIM-"HUNG-SING")WAS MARKED AS A REBEL(which he was,AGAINST an unfair and unjust government at that time,as were all HUNG SING PRACTIONERS)and in HIDING, as a means of identification and for good luck and since he(JEUNG," HUNG-SING" YIM) was also an active member of the Revolution during the 1850's designating his coded name because at this time using your real family or real first name could mean Death to you, your family, and perhaps the members from your town or village if you were properly identified ,it is also for this same reason that quite a few historical facts such as names and dates also events are very clouded in mystery and even lost or mixed up, not only in Choy-Lee-Fut, but in other systems as well, things were purposely omitted forms and techniques (for good and obvious reasons)so as to keep secrecy, as history will attest to.Therefore we have assimilated as many facts either written or verbally thru some decendant family members as much as possible.Disputes on history will never end even within everyday modern politics so keep this in mind when comparing stories or histories,we will only speak of "OUR BRANCH" within this site because we know our own history best as I am sure the other styles/branches feel the same about theirs.The main common thread amongst all Gung-Fu is be good at what you do.

Jeung,Hung-Sing first began his fascination with Gung-Fu early as a young lad at about 7-8 yrs old learnig under Master Lee,Yau-San of Lee Ga(Lee,Family Style Fist), before going to the Chan Village,Lee,Ga was a very popular method at that time, in the area where Jeung,Hung-Sing was originally , he later at around 12(1836) years old he again had heard of a person of who had some martial arts ability,a Mr .Chan,Heung. Jeung,Hung-Sing then was brought to the Chan Village by his Blood Uncle(Jeung,Kwan--Jeung, Hung-Sing's fathers younger brother, who was close friends with Chan, Heung.The Uncle then pleaded with the Chans to accept him to their school of Gung-Fu as a student (THE CHAN FAMILY STYLE as it was known by a this time )and that he could not any longer take care and feed his own nephew,the village people would not . Unfortunately, since it was the custom then he was not accepted ,in part it was just another mouth to feed and the village elders decided against accepting him because they basically could not afford it , he also was denied admission because of a strict village code which restricted training and village membership, only to the members of the Chan Village or perhaps with a different name BUT, a relative or married to one as was the general rule of most if not all villages at that time and even up until the modern times. Not to be deterred, JeungHung-Sing found work in the school as a Jack-of-All-Trades , janitorial , repairman, cook etc. he was eventually allowed to clean the training areas and watched all training sessions on the sneak . He secretly studied the students practicing, and was able to imitate some of their movements and thus developing his own personal style,Because of his prior knowledge Lee Ga Gung-Fu and his Uncles style . (Lee Ga was also one of the root styles of Chan,Heung and his students because of its popularity in the district at that time).

One evening in the court yard, Chan,Heung happened to getting some fresh air and saw Hung -Sing, so he quietly observed Jeung, Hung-Sing practicing his moves that he had assimilated to his already known gung-fu. Chan, Heung, was greatly impressed with his ability that he offered to secretly share some techniques him hoping that he improve his existing techniques . Jeung Hung-Sing listened to Chan,Heung's advice learning some techniques and added them to his own method until they were accidentally were discovered by the jealous students of the Chan Village which resulted in a altercation . The village elders and members,and students became furious confronted Chan,Heung about this problem and finally expelled Jeung,Hung-Sing, after a great deal of arguing in which Chan,Heung had to succumb(against his will because he felt Hung-Sing had great potential ), because he had a family and was not able move and the village elders also said Chan,Heung must leave if he did not comply , so after a short period of time with Chan,Heung and the Chan Village Style , JEUNG,HUNG-SING moved on with his life, after he had left no one even mentioned his name and he was all but forgotten untill he had made a very strong name for himself and his style of Hung Sing Kune...

Due to Chan,Heung's great admiration for Jeung,Hung-Sing's ability and perserversence, he gave him some travel money, wrote a letter of introduction and directed him to a Senior Monk who at one time taught at the Shao-Lin Temple, that he himself (CHAN,HEUNG) was going to learn from earlier in his life but was sidetracked into teaching what he already had learned from his Uncle and at he same time taking on a wife and building a family so he himself could not go the himself"GREEN GRASS MONK (american name)" and learn . That Monk, he sent" JEUNG,HUNG-SING" to, at that time was in hiding from his enemies "The Ching Dynasty" , and had retired to seclusion to Meditate and Practice Buddhism and Internal Methods,and develope further techniques as his system was still in its begininng/development stages, was Known only by the name of the Ching-Choe Woe-Serng( the Cantonese pronunciation of "Green Grass Monk"). THE GREEN GRASS MONK , after giving Jeung ,Hung-Sing A brief interview of sorts (testing and such). Accepted Jeung,Hung-Sing as his only disciple at this stage (age) in his life, to learn what" He" ("GREEN GRASS MONK") had left in secret techniques, and new techniques that he had developed while in seclusion over the years ,also, what he had held back most of his life,as was the tradition of ELDER MASTERS in those days before passing on. This assured that tradition and someone would eventually pass on what he had acculated over his lifetime, that someone in this case, was JEUNG,HUNG-SING also known by JEUNG,YIM...

For about 8-10 years, Jeung,Hung-Sing trained with the Monk with no distractions such as family or fun and mastered all hands, weapons,medical knowledge and internal techniques. After his studies, he was allowed to leave and was given the name Jeung,Hung-Sing(HUNG-SING BECAME ALSO HIS ADULT and CODED REVOLUTIOARY NAME) . Upon leaving, Jeung, Hung-Sing returned to his original mentor Chan,Heung (with whom he was with for a short period of time,but Chan,Heung put him on his best path, and Hung-Sing showed Chan, Heung his new techniques and his mastery of them. He was then commended for his skill ,and was asked by Chan,Heung immeaditely, to be his assistant. For a few years(5 years approx.), he shared with Chan,Heung some of the advancements he had gained and later left so as not to cause any further internal resentment or conflict(still not being a family/village member) branched out on his own at aprox.26 years of age(in 1851)and devised his own methods for his new style originally known as FUT GA JING JONG or somtimes reffered to as HUNG-SING's FIST and eventually known as Hung-Sing Kune in the decades to come, to be renamed that by other gung-fu practioners who could not completely identify his movements he often used in combat during the revolution, Jeung,Hung-Sing, was the founder of this style. His school's complete name, Hung-Sing Studio Teaching The Hung Sing Style Fist came from a combination of OUR FOUNDERS' given name, Hung-Sing, which translated into "Glorious Victory." The style, was aptly named after the Primary Contributor of his personal method after his mentor, the "Green Grass Monk" (from whom he he had gotten the bulk of his knowledge which completly changed his point of veiw on combat and eventually turned into what we have today). Prefacing the name is Sil-Lum (Shao-Lin in Mandarin), giving honor to his Monastarial Roots.

Jeung ,Hung-Sing's Timeline Reference:

1824 Jeung,Au Yim is born.

--?--1836 Student of Lee,Yau-San's style(Lee style Kung-Fu) a well known teacher and a style popular in his area of growing up.

1836-1841 Employee/Student of Chan,Heung (Chan Family Village Kung-Fu).

1841-1849 Student of The Green Grass Monk(Fong, Dai-Hung a Master of Sil- Lum Fut Ga who also taught at Shao-Lin Temple) and joins the Hung Moon Society thru his Sefu/ Teacher who was one of the most Highest and Prominent Officials in the Society.Given the Society name Hung-Sing (Hung Victory) by Fong,Dai-Hung,the Green Grass Monk.This is when Jeung,Hung-Sing changed ,improved and developed his skills to what we use today,what new techniques he added and followed were that of the Shao-Lin Fut-Ga, emulating his Favorite and most Knowledgable Master ,Ching-Cho (Fong,Dai-Hung).

1849-1851 Established many schools in Fut-San city and surrounding area he then completes synthizing his style called Hung-Sing Kune comprised of what he had learned in the past.

1851 Organized all of his schools into the Hung-Sing Goon.

1851-1864 Fought in every Major Southern Chinese Revolution of this period.

1864 Future Leader of Hung-Sing Goon Chan,Sing is born.

1864-1867 Escaped the Ching (Qing)to Hong Kong, then returned to Ging-Mui and helped evolve the Chan Family Kung Fu even Further.

1867 Returned to Fut-San to Reopen the HUNG SING GOON.

1875 Took over a school when a Chan Family Master went Blind and renamed it Hung-Sing Goon (using our Characters meaning Glorious Victory).

1883 Jeung(Hung-Sing )Yim became Chan, Ngau-Sing's Sefu when Chan was 18 yrs old.

1893 JEUNG,HUNG-SING passes away due to his declining health at age 69.


(Note): Well known teacher, actor, and Choy-Lee-Fut practitioner Lee,Koon-Hung collaborated, directed and starred in the early 1970's movie, "HUNG- SINGS's CHOY- LEE- FUT",(SEE THE UNEDITED VERSION IN CHINESE,(NOT THE ALTERED VERSION WHICH WAS TERRIBLEY DUBBED,) IN DEPTH THE GREEN GRASS MONK TEACHES HUNG-SING THROUGHOUT THE MOVIE ) which chronicled the above similar story and hereby gives this account credibility along with many Sefus of Choy-Lee-Fut, who agree with this recounting, which also agrees with our version that has been passed down to us here in the United States since the early 1930's by Professor Lau,Bun. Keeping in mind that other branches histories may differ somewhat,we are only discussing Jeung,Hung-Sing's Fut-San branch at this time,and that it is our belief that ALL BRANCHES and VERSIONS OF CHOY-LEE-FUT ARE GREAT with the capacity to grow,expand,CHOY-LEE-FUT is so neverending that we will forever be trying to figure out all its varible usages and still not be able to,forever.All this without the need to add some other method to it... may the GODDESS OF MERCY BLESS,and LONG LIVE ALL CHOY-LEE-FUT and it's FOLLOWERS.