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More commoly known by his given (adult)name,JEUNG,HUNG-SING,("HUNG-SING" translates, in this case using the specfic chinese characters, into AMERICAN ,as to mean "GLORIOUS VICTORY") This name was bestowed upon him by the CHING-CHO WOE-SERNG , whose true name was Fong,Dai-Hung"HIS TEACHER",("CHING-CHO WOE-SERNG" which has the American translation and Chinese Characters to mean the "GREEN-GRASS MONK") his given name was rooted from the Tai-Ping Rebellion which had reference to Overthrow the Qing and when he opened his studio in 1851 it was eventually came to be called the Hung-Sing Studio,this is when he changed from using the Hung Mun Character that was given to him by his teacher and started to use the Character Hung that is found in our Hung Sing (Glorious Victory) as was common in those days in order not to be found by the Ching officals, using aliases in those day was very common even several times in ones lifetime. He is completely acknowledged by the HUNG-SING CLANS (both Hung Sing and Buk Sing) also many other schools as the accepted and undisputed FOUNDER of HUNG-SING KUNE and was it's most PROMINENT FIGHTER,DIED AT THE AGE OF 69 IN 1893.The next decendant to carry on the Style was Chan,Ngau-Sing(born 1864 died 1926) who was his most well known student that he had taught in his later years.

Quick Timeline of Jeung,Hung-Sing:

1824- Jeung,Au-Yim was Born

--?-- 1836-Was a student of Lee,Yau-San

1836-1841- Was a student of Chan,Heung( Chan, Family Village Style)

1841-1849-Became the only student of The Green Grass Monk (Fong,Dai-Hung) a Master or Sil-Lum (Shao-Lin Fut Ga) and joined the Hung Moon Society thru His teacher one of the founders at this time Fong Bestowed Jeung,Yim with his Society name Hung Sing this Master Changed his thinking forever by adding more Shao-Lin Fut Ga.

1849-1851-Established many Schools in and around Fut-San

1851-Organized and consolidated his schools into the Hung Sing Goon.

1875-Took over a school when its Master a Chan person ,went blind and started using our Glorious Victory Characters.

1883- Became Chan,Ngau-Sing's Sefu.

1893-JEUNG,hUNG-sING passes away due to his declining health.