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Sefu Dino {Center} with classmates 1967 at Lup-Mo Studio. Standing next to Leland Wong. The Sefu was Chan,Bing-Hong who passed away in 1968 was also a student of Professor Lau,Bun

lup mo




Sefu Dino has been going to back and forth to Fut-San China and practicing with his teacher.

Sefu Dino's Sefu, Haw (Ho),Cherk-Wah Refining and Defining the finer points on the usage of the staff ,the way that HE deems it a practical way to use it, to Sefu Dino.

Sefu Ho practicing with Sefu Dino on how different approaches would work using Hung-Sing Choy-Lee-Fut as a Combatative System.

Cho(Tso), Chi-Hon (Chan,Sing's Great Granddaughter)at age 16 (2002) showing Sefu Dino how she would use some techniques.

Sefu Dino with Hung-Sing Head and Elder Haw (Ho), Churng on his 84th Birthday in Fut-San in 2002...

Sefu Dino with his students Charles King,(left) and Dan Church (far right ) along with Sefu's (l-r) Wong and Leung,Wai-Wing and Sefu Dino's Sefu Haw (Ho),Cherk-Wah practicing in Sefu Leung's Compond In Fut-San,China in October 16.2001.

(From left to right Sefu Leung, Wai-Wing-- Se Bok Jew,-- Elder master Haw(Ho),Churng--Sefu Dino

Left Se-Bok Jew with Sefu Dino.

Some attendees at Elder Haw (Ho),Churng's 84th birthday party.(l-r) Dan Church with his Sefu Leung, Wai-Wing,Sefu Dino, Sefu Lok, Gee-Hung, Sefu Haw (Ho), Cherk-Wah seated is Elder Haw (Ho),Churng.

Left Sefu Dino's Se-Sook Lok,Gee-Hung,Sefu Dino, Sefu Haw (Ho),Cherk-Wah (2000) .

Sefu Haw(Ho) posing with Sefu Dino in front of alter in Fut-San Hung-Sing studio 2002.

Chan,Sing decendant Cho(Tso),Chi-Hon posing for camera 2002.

Sefu Lok,Gee-Hung doing his favorite weapon and favorite horse stance(yut gee ma)

Sefu Dino Practicing with his Sefu Haw(Ho),Cherk-Wah in the Fut-San Hung-Sing Studio/Ancestrial Hall.

At the Fut-San Autumn Festival (Dec. 31,1999) Sefu Ng,Park-Chuen with Saber and Sefu Wong, Chan-Gong with Stick representing the Fut-San Hung-Sing Studio at the festival (The Fut-San Autumn Festival is a traditional activity of Fut- San.)

Oct.5,2003 SeGung Haw (Ho)Churng with his Son Ho, Cherk-Wah and Sefu Dino at SeGung Ho's 86TH Birthday party in Fut-San,China.

SeGung Haw (Ho), Churng (sitting in center with all of his sons , daughters , grand-childern and in-laws celebrating his 86th birthday.

Sefu Chui, Kwan-Yuen of Hung-Sing with Sefu Dino at a Celebration of 10/24/03.

Ng Sefu (center) with two Hung-Sing students at an annual Buk-Sing Celebration 10/24/03.

Sefu Dino of the Fut-San Hung-Sing Studio performing at Buk-Sing celebration 10/24/03

"Fong"of the Fut-San Hung-Sing Studio performing the Hung-Sing Spear at the Celebration 10/24/03.

Some of the approx. 1100 celebrants at the Buk-Sing celebration 10/24/03.

"Kwun"(of the Fut-San Hung-Sing Studio) performing the Large Knife. 10/24/03.

Some of the many attendees of the 10/26/03 celebration.