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Mongolian Archery


Munkhtsetseg(Eternal Flower)Choijelsurengiin Mongolia's Primer Female Champion Archer

Called "Mergen" which means Champion Archer.

She is shooting with a Tradional Mongolian Bow and Draws in a Tradional stance and using a"MONGOLIAN THUMB DRAW"..

Ray Der,Choijelsurengiin Munkhtsetseg and Sefu Dino at Nadaam Festival in 2007 held in San Francisco ,U.S.A..

Each Gold Stripe on the tail of Munkhtsetsig's hat represents a year that

she had won Mongolia's Womens' National Archery Competions Also

she wears the Mergen Medal (Master Archer).Before leaving Mongolia

to the United States Her daily Job was a Police Inspector in her native land.

Her shooting method is that of the people of Central Mongolian and is called

The Khalka Style. Munkhtsetseg, when shooting prefers not to use a Thumbring

or Thumbpad just a Bare Thumb and just rely on a callouse she has built up

over the decades. Her husband ,Enkabar, is also an Archery Champion From

Mongolia, who shoots a different style called Buryat Style and he is also an expert in

Horseback Archery practiced by the people of Northeastern Mongolia.