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In front of Hung Sing Studio
(April 2000)

Sefu Dino practicing Fut-San Choy- Lee- Fut with Sefu Leung, Wai-Wing, of Fut-San Hung-Sing Goon (Studio)
(April 2000)

Sefu Dino(Left) with Hung-Sing Choy- Lee-Fut elder, (Sefu Dino's Segung) Haw (Ho), Churng (center) and Hung-Sing Sefu Lok,Gee-Hung.
(April 2000).

Sefu Dino in Fut-San, China, standing in front of Our Founders' (Jeong, Hung-Sing) house/studio. (April 2000)

Jackie Chan (Sing-Loong) presenting graditude banners for those who worked with Self Help for the Elderly orginzation in San Francisco's Chinatown a completely charitable orginization with Sefu Dino has donated time and effort since approx 1981 till now 2003 . Present are Sefu Dino and his daughter Jew, Sil-Ying (Kim) and of course her favorite actor Jackie Chan..

Kwan Tak-Hing ( aka Wong Fei-Hung): Gung-Fu icon and Chinese operas and movie star since the 1920's. He passed away in 1996,not just known for his portayals of Wong, Fei-Hung or any particular style but, also for many Older Generation Chinese as a Champion of Justice and portraying Chinese in a Favorable Manner always willing to help the down and out and do the right thing known forever as the Good Guy,and willing to go way out of his way to avoid a confrontational situation whenever possible this was and still is (in spirit). Sefu Dino's all time favorite actor next to Chan,Kuan-Tai and Cheng,Pui-Pui.

Hung-Sing Taiwan Performs with Hung-Sing USA

Chan Kit-Fong , Direct Descendant of Chan Heung.

Cho(Tso), Chi-Hon (age 14 at the time of photo) Great Granddaughter of Branch Leader (Chan, Ngau Sing) who was a top student of Jeung (Yim) Hung-Sing in his later years . CHI-HON had won in the Ladies division in forms competition in Fut-San Oct 22, 2000. 3rd place for Plum Blossom Spear. 6th place for Lin Wan Fist Form.

Fut San 3rd Annual Festival of martial arts open competition Fut-San Gymnasium. (Oct. 22, 2000)(From right to left) Cho(Tso), Chi-Hon, Sefu Wong, Chan-Gong (Team Leader), Sefu Ng, Park-Chuen 2nd place, and Sin Che-Tai 6th Place.

Attending a performance along with(Back row top left Silas Ming Lee/Sefu Lau,Share next to Sefu Wong,Ark-Yuey" with his students.Sefu Dino and Joyce"( Mah,Lai-Wah) both kneeling , in Los Angeles' Chinatown in 1970.

Joyce Mah performing on Waverly St, in San Francisco's Chinatown in 1969

Sefu Dino practicing with his Senior classmate"Adeline"( Louie, How-Sahow) in 1968.

Sefu Dino posing with Sefu Lee,Koon-Hung (of Hung-Sing's Choy-Lee-Fut "the movie") and Sefu Dino's student Ms. Valerie Lee, at the grand opening opening of Sefu Lee,Koon-Hungs' Student Wong,Tat-Mau's first school in the U.S.A. on California St. in San Francisco's" Richmond district" IN 1984.