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Present Masters

Master Salvatera Sefu Dennis "Dino Jew" Salvatera( Pronounced in Filipino SALBATERA) (known throughout the San Francisco's Chinatown Community as Jew, Tien-Loong) was born in San Francisco's Chinese Hospital in California on October 20, 1945 and is of Filipino (Illacano)and Chinese(father) & Irish(mother)parentage. Sefu Dino first became interested and started practicing Hung-Sing Choy-Lee-Fut in 1958, while at Everett Junior High School at age 13, through an older classmate, Sefu Dino being in Jr. High School and that classmate was in High School and about being 2 years older in age, with who he hung out while being with a group called the CHINATOWN DEACONS (a youth group), that classmate was also a student of the Venerable Prof. Lau,Bun with whom Sefu Dino practiced periodically. Sefu Dino decided to become very serious by practicing 5-7 days a week 4-6 hrs. a day,in 1965,(while working and finishing his High School to get his diploma at the same time) , when he decided to put some order and discipline in his life,making HUNG SING's Fist His only Gung-Fu Style. He later also studied Filipino Knife/Stick fighting( which was first taught to him with bladed weaponry then moved into sticks).During that same time period he also studied Fencing under Master Gerard Esponda a well known Master of the Letterman Fencing Club Of S.F.

Sefu Dino represents both the San Francisco Branch and the Fut-San Branch(Headquarters) of the Hung-Sing Schools and and has registered the name spelled HUNG-SING and the Chinese Characters meaning Glorious Victory as a Servicemark(Trademark)#046318 with the State of California since the early 1990's thereby restricting it's usage to only whom he legally authorizes in writing and renews this registration when required with the State of California as his Teacher (Jew,Leong) did before him.

After initally practicing / Learning in 1958(when he was first introduced to Hung Sing's FIST.Soon after that Master Salvatera's first Formal Sefu in a Formal Kung-Fu Club/Studio, Commercial Enviroment prior to October,1966 (just prior to his 20th birthday) was with Sefu Bing Chan(CHAN, BING-HONG)of the Lup-Mo School at 763 Jackson St in S.F.'s Chinatown Sefu Bing Chan was also a student of Professor Lau,Bun.It was at this time that Sefu Dino started to develope his performance skills by 1967 and by doing public performances and such.Sefu Chan was a very knowledgeable,Charismatic individual who loved all of his students, was also a Tradionalist to the HUNG-SING KUNE STYLE both in movement and by being lightning fast as our style dictates us to be.When Master Chan died suddenly of high blood pressure in early 1968,Master Salvatera contiued practicing with his Senior Classmate Adeline Louie and other classmates until he made arraingments with Adeline Louie (In 1966 Adeline had also introduced Sefu Dino to Segung Lau, Bun prior to Segung's Lau's passing)to join Sefu Bing Chan's Senior classmate Professor Jew, Leung.Master Jew Leong & Master SalvateraSefu Dino then went under the tutelage of Professor Jew,Leung. Professor Jew, the Senior Classmate of Master Bing Chan, Prof. Jew,Leung was at the same time, the next descendant of the Hung-Sing School of San Francisco and America. who Master Salvatera joined with, Professor Jew Leung in 1967. completely after the death of his then present teacher. While still at the Lup-Mo school in 1965, his senior classmate Adeline introduced him to Professor Jew,Leong who was still teaching at the Family Association using the name Jew,Leongs gung-fu Club. Sefu Dino would go up and play Mah-Jong and hang out with Professor Jews Students and practice gung-fu with Sefu Jew,Leong, who had not opened the Spofford School yet, Professor Lau was still Alive at this time , this is where he met his future wife to be Wai-San (and her other relatives who were learning from Jew, Leong) Wai-San is Professor Jew,Leung's close cousin and also was his student, She is also Master Salvatera's Senior Classmate.At that time Professor Jew,Leung was in the process of moving his own studio( Jew,Leongs Martial Club, where he had started teaching indepentently from Professor Lau,Bun at the Jew Family Youth Group Association (located on Waverly St. in S.F. Chinatown)where he had initally taught for many years, eventually to the then new address of the Hung-Sing Studio at 38 Spofford Alley (also in S.F. Chinatown) where he took over the club after the death of Professor Lau,Bun. Sefu Dino was given permission to teach small groups in 1970 ,until The Offical Grand Opening of his School the Tien Loong Gung-Fu Club(later called the Tien-Loong Hung-Sing Gung-Fu Club in 1983, the Master of Ceremonies at this Grand opening was Professor Jew, Leong showing his sign of approval .Sefu Dino was later Appointed Chairperson of the Hung Sing Studio in 1987 by Professor Jew,Leung (who was in semi-retirement at this time) SO SEFU DINO COMPLETELY CHANGED THE NAME FROM TIEN- LOONG STUDIO (his name),TO HUNG SING STUDIO Placing the importance of the Founder ((Jeung,Hung-Sing)over his own name at this point, and CONTINUED CARRYING ON THE THE HUNG-SING NAME IN AMERICA AS WERE HIS MASTER'S WISHES( present at that time was Ms. Adeline Louie the Senior classmate of Sefu Dino).Sefu Dino still continued practicing under his Sefu's guidance and learning until Professor Jew's full retirement in 1995 when he handed over the Hung Sing name Completely to Sefu Dino whose only style has always been HUNG-SING KUNE A TRUE TRADITIONALIST TO HUNG-SING CHOY-LEE-FUT)his favorite weaponry above all that he learned are Single 3- section steel whip(easy to conceal),Butterfly Knives and single pole as were his 2 Masters before him. He still worked with his Master Professor Jew till his Death on April/2010. In addition, SEFU DINO has also been a Member of the Hop- Sing Tong Fraternal Brotherhood ; Sefu Dino was brought in, by Sefu Jew,Leong ( since 1968). Sefu Jew ,Leong was President of the Youth Faction called Sing Keung within Hop Sing Tong and would hire and pay Sefu Dino to do certain Tasks for the Brotherhood Periodically.Sefu Jew, Leong was also a Seung Fa Hung Gwun in the Gee Kung Tong( Hung Moon sometimes reffered to as the Chinese Freemasons,which eventually Sefu Dino Replaced him in the same position also as a Seung Fah Hung Gwun Training the youth in Kung Fu and Lion Dancing (in both situations, Sefu Dino was recruited by his Sefu,Jew,Leong) since Nov.1968. Sefu Dino is still an active member , as was his Segung Professor Lau,Bun and his Master Professor Jew,Leung, Since 1958, Master Salvatera ( being initalized to HUNG-SING KUNE on this date) SEFU DINO has worked to coordinate a variety of community services including hospital fund drives such as supporting Senior Citizen and Health Organizations Self Help for the Elderly: The Chinese Hospital Drive: promotions of various Chinatown Cultural and Musical Societies-The Chinese New Year parade,Family Associations, Grand openings of Stores,Resturants,Banks,Festivities for various Political Groups And Various S.F. Mayors not only in Chinatown but also Outside of S.F. Chinatown,and wide varitey of festivities. Since 1998 Sefu Dino, like his former Masters Professor's Lau,Bun and Jew,Leong, who were both known to have played the Chinese Butterfly Harp,Sefu Dino has Taken up the hobby of Studying the Chinese Classical Musical Instrument known as the Gu-Zheng which is akin to the Zither Family under the Guidance of members of the San Francisco Gu-zheng Music Society headed by World Wide acclaimed Headmistress Lui, Wei-Shan (www.guzheng.org) Sefu Dino's Personal Zung teacher is Ms. Jennifer Lim who herself has studied under Mistress Lui,Wei-Shan since mid 1985 at age 5. Sefu Dino studies this instrument strictly for his own pleasure and relaxation(he finds that the playing Classical Music helps to sooth the nerves from daily stress and( refines a person culturally as well)along with Target Shooting, Scuba Diving, Archery, tinkering with his Classic Car (1953 Hudson Hornet), also at times both assisting and participating in CHINESE OPERA in Mandarin and Cantonese and in between he tries to put time in studying the classics as he is now retired from his job.He will spending more time in these various hobbies along with his teaching of kung-fu to anyone willing and wanting to learn.HUNG SING GOON of AMERICA AS AN INSTITUTION IN THE UNITED STATES.

HUNG SING GOON has been well established in America solidly since 1931-2007 (76 years history in America in 2007, formally since 1939).During this period of time since Professor Lau Bun established our group there have been a few generations of practioners meaning before even when Sefu Dino was born. Now 63 years of age in ,2008 Sefu Dino feels fortunate to have both worked out with, and exposed to many variations of usages and knowledge of "Our System" through his Se-Sooks and Se-Sook Moe's would often come to his teacher's studio for personal workouts and/or to help the new and older students whenever they had free time. They felt they may still be helpful and valuable the the art and to the school/club where they spent so much of their youth and had a fun time growing up, a lot of them reached work retirement age and this was the only activity a lot of the knew especially in Being Asian in America in the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's which to say at the least were perilous times and was unsafe to leave any Chinese Community in America (times were different then).By not leaving "Chinatown" limited their choices of activities,for a lot of them their choice of entertainment was Hung Sing Kung-Fu Club of San Francisco and America,practicing Martial Arts for survival and fun, Kung-Fu Schools were few and far between at that time.It was to Sefu Dino's benifit and pleasure the he had gotten to know and work out with his Se-Sooks,Se-Boks and Se-Sook Moe's (Kung-Fu Uncles And Aunts that learned under Professor Lau , Bun) he then added them on to his Kung-Fu family tree,for what they had contributed to his life to show his graditude and respect , which, only served to confuse the American Public reading his website so he has since omitted them from the tree for the sake of clarity,a few of Sefu Dino's Elders still come around today to Sefu Dino's School/Club and help whenever they can, some are very elderly and can no longer get around and others have passed on, and the School and Sefu Dino misses them very much. Sefu Dino's Classmates are the New Generation of Elders to his students and they are now getting on in age , some are even Grandparents with time on their hands they are more than welcome to have input in our "Institution". This is not an isolated situation, the practice of Elders (your teachers classmates and above) coming into a school and helping is not only a commonplace activity in Asia but is also encouraged and expected which hopefully will become commonplace in America in the future instead of teachers isolating themselves and their schools, the input would be a great benifit to the students and knowledge would be passed down remember Elders just want to help and educate not take over.

Other Hung-Sing Teachers

There are several of Master Salvatera's students teaching the Hung-Sing methods and principles as founded and set forth by it's founder Jeung,Hung-Sing (aka Jeung,Yim), of the Fut-San branch.They are Sefu Hannibal Yusef (Sefu Dino's 1st Student in 1968 who first learned as a personal friend of Sefu Dino and later became an Official Student, because at this time it was very difficult for a Non-Chinese to learn Gung-Fu in the Chinese Community)Sefu Hannibal with all these years of Hung-Sing Choy-Lee-Fut in his book of knowledge never cared to get a big name only to Please his Teacher and pass on his art the way his teacher taught to him. While keeping a low profile and not showing off,does not toot his own horn like so many American Students entering the Chinese Culture attempt , but who are really looked at as jokes by the Chinese Community .Fortunately these types are a minority, most Non-Chinese are truely interested in our Martial Arts and Culture and do an upstanding job as good representatives by firstly being themselves and taking their art seriously .Sefu Hannibal,always the Gentleman, is very dedicated to his teachings and loves his Hung Sing Kune and also is looked upon with Respect amongst his peers in the Black Community and beyond , Sefu Dino is very proud of him and his Dedication to Hung-Sing Choy Kune he also has a San Francisco based School .Under Sefu Hannibal Yusef is one of his student, Sefu Dan Church who is also also teaching, and having had studied at Hung-Sing Studio in Fut-San China under Sefu Leung,Wai-WingThe next most Senior student of Sefu Dino's is Sefu Jang,Yau-Ming(Bryan), with us since May, 1979 ,besides being deftly quick Sefu Jang not only teaches total breakdowns of our style but good at teaching its combatative usages along with personal training,Home and Personal Security,also has been certified by a varitey of law enforcement agencies.As the next generation of those under JEUNG,HUNG-SING's dynasty are teaching in the U.S,we wish to look to, for more sucess in our future. .We all agree that Hung-Sing Kune is an Neverending Style whereas you never completely master all of it usages (too many),and you never need to add other techniques or another style/branch to it, that, only shows that you only don't believe in your own ability. keep in mind Hung-Sing Kune is a truley tried and tested system, many times over, all branches of Hung Sing Kune are within themselves their own entities we are: short,long,hard,soft long range short range, internal,external kicking and non-kicking and we are ready to use immeaditily.It's so vast that all teachers differ on usages and FORMS ,(Teachers can and often do teach their students the same form but differently also as time moves on the teachers theories change,leaving each student thinking that their way of learning a form was the original way ( which in fact was original to them ) so all classmates of all generations will be different from each other (as Sefu Dino's forms are Different from his classmates,say practing with your teachers classmate will be different from your teacher,you can learn alternative methods not just carbon coping something ,this shows the VERSATILITY OF OUR SYSTEM (CUSTOMIZING TO THE INDIVIDUAL and their SPECIAL NEEDS, if needed, such as disabilites of any type), in this manner the SYSTEM keeps GROWING and is useful fo modern changes in our enviroment , but, THIS HUNG-SING BRANCH does not find the the need to and another system to it as some other teachers do ,we stay within Hung-Sing Methods, it just EXTRAPULATES techniques from WITHIN ITSELF.)to the extreme but at the same time are one..........We are located in the Sunset District of San Francisco just 2 blocks from Golden Gate Park at 26th Ave. and Kirkham Sts.for further info contact thru E-mail.

IN REGARDS TO ANY DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAMS USING CDs OR TAPE OF ANY TYPE, KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU MUST STILL BE CORRECTED BY THE TEACHER OF WHO'S STYLE THAT YOU ARE LEARNING, TO GET ALL CORRECTIONS CORRECTLY. FOR EXAMPLE ON ANY MEDIA YOU MAY MISJUDGE ANY NUMBER OF THINGS SUCH AS TIMING OF SPEED, TIMMING OF COMBINATIONS, WHAT ARE THE COMBINATIONS, MOMMENTUM USED AND THESE ARE JUST TO NAME A FEW OF THE MANY IMPORTANT FACTORS. ALWAYS USE THE MEDIA FORMS AS A FINAL SUPPLIMENT TO HELP YOU REMEMBER ,WHAT, ONLY A LIVE TEACHER CAN TEACH YOU. WHENEVER POSSIBLE ALWAYS VERIFY WHO YOU ARE LEARNING FROM, THEY MAY NOT BE SHOWING YOU PROPERLY ACCORDING TO THE SYSTEM,PERHAPS ONLY PROPERLY TO THEIR IDEAS.IF A PERSON HAS BACKGROUND IN SEVERAL SYSTEMS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY UNDERSTAND ALL SYSTEMS CORRECTLY. BUT ONE WHO HAS STUDIED ONE SYSTEM MANY YEARS SHOULD UNDERSTAND THEIRS COMPLETLY.REMEMBER THE OLD PROVERB JACK OF ALL TRADES,MASTER OF NONE.EVERY SYSTEM HAS ITS OWN PHILOSOPHY OF MOVEMENT AND CHECKS AND BALANCES AND IN MOST INSTANCES IT TAKES MANY YEARS OF PRACTICING THAT STYLE TO UNDERSTAND THAT METHOD IN MOST INSTANCES, 10 YEARS OR MORE OF JUST ONE STYLE BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN BREAK THE ICE OF THAT SYSTEM.AS FOR LEARNING THE FINAL FORM OF A SYSTEM FIRST YOU MUST REMBER EACH SYSTEM HAS BUILT IN FACTORS SO THAT YOU WILL DEVELOPE PROPERELY TO THAT FINAL FORM PROPERLY OF THAT STYLE AND TEACHER.It always has been the Philosophy of All Hung-Sing Schools to produce excellent fighters as best as we could, our main belief is that all practioners should be merited on how often and how long that they practiced their forms under the Constant Guidance of their Sefu, for example; if a student practiced rigorously daily the begining form of their School, only, (until their teacher says otherwise) say for example for about 18 months or more they should be devastating, not 5 weak pretty forms in 18 months. As most people think the more sets and styles you know the higher up you are, WRONG. QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY IS DESIRED ( The final aspects of Hung Sing Secret Forms; as they are often reffered to , do not exist) the secrets are really just intricate techniques and usages .Working one on one with possibly the teacher and learning the true movementof the style in fast combat,learning defense,attack and countering in their most traditional way as was the original and still is the concept.Most Old School practioners are not even concerned with forms once they complete them,only how to use them, even if it's a small amount.One must master the techniques and usages in as many variations of each move as possible for example, if you learn a new move try to at least how to figure out how to use that move at least a minimum of 5 ways, proper strength,speed, and placement should be the included goal,most people in the U.S. are more concerned about a set (form) that they heard about but never seen in Kung-Fu, not on developing the manuvers, on the other hand in Asia the concern lies in how can I make this move work for me 10x's better, as you see the priorities are in reverse in the U.S. (perhaps it is just a cultural and philosophical difference in thinking).We think the longer you that take to understand the form you are learning the more stronger and natural you become in its moves and stratagies,constantly switching teachers and/or styles means you have to constantly switch philosophies and you will always be starting over,most of Jeung,Hung-Sing's decendants love to take their time and pick apart every little bit of their forms trying to get stronger and faster each time that they practice some even refuse to move forward in their forms so quickly while others have the purpose of wanting to be great performers, which in its own right is also a good thing. It all boils down to:what is your goal?Inasmuch as what is Taught all of the Hung-Sing Studios teach a variety of hand forms,weapons forms(which are very numerous in a few southern styles such as Hung Sing Kune ,sparring forms(showing how to use each hand and weapons forms, customized to the student learning them, each school has also a variety of Dummy forms to aide in the teaching and strengthening of hands and weapons (eg.)for the hands, dummies have forms for each hand set, at the begining,medium,and senior levels. REGARDLESS, of what your style/discipline is, BE GOOD AT IT, BELIEVE IN IT ,enjoy it,have fun with it . This way All Martial Arts wins not just one METHOD.


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